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Some of the links found in any webpage of and any of its web properties allow you to leave the website and take you to other sites on the Web. These linked sites are provided only as a convenient way of giving you related information. The links do not imply that endorses or has an ongoing partnership with the linked websites. is not responsible for the content of any website it links to, or for the content of any further links in that linked site. is not responsible for changes, updates or unavailability of these linked websites. These sites are not under the control of, and INQUIRER Company will not be responsible for any inconvenience, harm or damage to equipment caused by the act of following the links to websites outside

Linking to

You are free to create a link from your website to any webpage in, its news sections and website properties, provided that each link you create in your website clearly states on top, as a form of introduction and acknowledgment, the following words:
“The following link will take you to :”

Aside from the link, you may use as reference only the headline of the article, document or text content you want to link from to your website.

For example:


The following link will take you to :
Philippine peso up against US dollar
<URL of page>


Creating a link from your website to means that you provide a hypertext connection from your webpage to one of ours using an HTML command.

  • You MAY NOT freely create a link from a pay-per-view website. If your website requires users to pay for access or requires users to pay for articles they view, or if your website is composed entirely of links and you charge a fee for access to your site, YOU MAY NOT create a link to
  • You MAY NOT freely create a link that contains a frame. You may link to only through a separate browser window, with the URL address of clearly visible in the location bar.
  • You MAY NOT freely create a link using the logo. Permission is required. Kindly fill out a Syndication Request Form.
  • You MAY NOT freely cut and paste articles. You MAY NOT mirror any text content in any of the web properties, that is, copying the content and posting them on your website or storing them in a word processing program, e-mail client or other software.

The above-mentioned linking policies apply not only to website links but also to those forwarded in e-mail, newsgroups and mailing lists.
Previous content is available on the Web for about five months. If an article does not appear in a search of our website, that means it is no longer available for linking.
If you agree with the above-mentioned policies and would still want to link with , kindly NOTIFY US so that we could see the link at your website.
If you would like to reprint an article no longer available online, or if you want to be authorized to use material on a syndication basis, you may contact the Syndication Team at [email protected] for reprinting and syndication costs and agreements.


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